1 Trustees of the Raj Narayan Trust are currently also running software development companies in US and India. They have been involved in the development and implementation of major software products and projects. The trustees have pledged to share their vast experience in software development with the MITM students interested in joining software development companies. The experienced resources of their software development team will be utilized to train the students in software development so that during the campus selection, these students can be presented as experienced resources that can be directly placed in the company as experienced resources.

2MITM would like to introduce the "earn while you learn" program and the students can put their extra time in working on software projects and they will be paid for their effort. This will help the students to reduce the burden of the cost of their education and at the same time gain the precious experience that is very difficult to achieve anywhere.

3MITM's future plan is to tie up with US universities. This tie up will help MITM in various areas including:

  • The technology utilization in imparting quality education.
  • Jointly involve in research activities
  • Training faculty
  • Follow the processes designed by US universities.
  • The above activities will enable MITM to fulfill the criteria's required for tie up with US universities and get affiliation with one of the university so that the US degree can be provided to the students at a very low cost compared to the cost involved in getting degrees directly from US universities. MITM understand the challenges involved in achieving the affiliation from US universities because of the high standards maintained by them and the strict criteria laid down by them to qualify. MITM has a very aggressive three years plan to setup the high quality infrastructure and the process required for qualification. This will enable MITM to achieve the dream of being a premier college in this region.

4MITM encourages bright students to join the Institute to maintain high standards & tough competition with the students. MITM has taken various steps to attract the best brain in the institute by introducing various innovative programs which are both monetary as well as appreciative in nature. Some of the programs are listed below:

  • Scholarship program based on the student's performance in their 10+2 exam and the State Examination Result position.
  • Band Type Criteria Scholarship
    Band 1 90% or above in 10+2 exam / less than 500 rank in JJEE Rs. 16000 / per annum
  • The toppers of each branch in the semesters will have their tuition fee waived for that semester.

5Girl students & students from minority community will be provided an additional scholarship of Rs. 5000 per annum along with the other scholarship applicable as mentioned above.

6MITM have identified Personality development as one of the most important areas to focus apart from the core curriculum. It has been found that technocrats devote less time in personality development compared to the time that they spend on core curriculum though both areas needs to be developed equally to perform brilliantly in the competitive environments. MITM will utilize the service of US experts to provide personality development program and train students to acclimatize to any environment.

7MITM will ensure that numerous reputed companies visit the institute for campus selection. We will proactively work towards ensuring that most of the students have one or more jobs before they finish their final year.

8MITM promotes Sports culture in the campus to keep the students healthy and every student will be motivated to take part in one or more sports.

9Tie up with companies in and around Jamshedpur for industrial training.

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