Mechanical Engineering

Why you should opt for Mechanical Engineering as your career?

The study of Mechanical Engineering is considered to be one of the oldest engineering disciplines and it encompasses all the following:

  • Mechanical Engineering opens up the world of possibilities for you: Mechanical engineering is critical to the success of most of the human enterprises. It plays a vital role in the generation and distribution of energy, transportation, manufacturing, and infrastructure development. Nearly every product or service in modern life has been touched in some way by a mechanical engineer.
  • Mechanical Engineers set the world in motion: Movement whether in the sea in the form of ships, soaring in the wind in the form of airplane or travelling in the outer space in the form of rockets is made possible by Mechanical engineers.
  • Making the impossible possible: Mechanical engineers make machines that think, thus, facilitating advanced manufacturing. The passion of Mechanical engineers in pushing boundaries and developing creative solutions to the world’s problems has led to a remarkable number of discoveries like powering desalination with the Sun.

Who are Mechanical Engineers: Mechanical engineers are designers, hands-on thinkers, builders and inventors. They design the world we live in, thus, making a difference to the world. They like making big machines, optimizing power, managing friction and creating physical objects that can operate in the physical world. Almost every product or service in our modern life has been touched in some way by a mechanical engineer.

Endless opportunities are waiting for Mechanical Engineers: World is getting more and more technical as we move ahead. Cars are getting smarter, phones are getting smarter, extracting resources from the ground and harnessing wind as a form of clean energy, mechanical engineers keep on contributing in meeting the demands of the future

Job possibilities are endless:

The technical domain of the mechanical engineering profession encompasses the following areas: acoustics, automatic control, bioengineering, combustion, cryogenics, design, dynamics, energy conversion, engines, environment, heat transfer, lubrication, mass transfer, manufacturing and sustainability, materials processing, mechanics of solids and fluids, mechanisms, petroleum, plasma dynamics, propulsion, thermodynamics, vibration, and wave propagation.

Why choose MITM?

  • MITM is the institution of choice for students opting to study mechanical engineering: Our Campus is situated in the industrial township of Jamshedpur, home to two Fortune 500 companies Tata Steel and Tata Motors, thus, making it one of the most exciting colleges in the Jharkhand for mechanical engineering.
  • An engineering education at MITM is something special where you get an opportunity to learn from experts: From academic rigor to creative exploration, a mechanical engineering education in MITM is a one-of-a-kind combination of uncompromising analysis, uninhibited creativity and practical hands-on experience that empowers one to be an employable engineer.
  • Excellent Student to Faculty Ratio: The number of students in our classes is relatively small. Thus, it helps you to know both your professors and your fellow students, laying grounds for developing a personal relationship, hence, making learning easy.
  • Our Mechanical department is well equipped with laboratories.
    • Engineering mechanics laboratory
    • Engineering graphics and machine drawing lab
    • Mechanical workshop
    • Material science laboratory
    • Strength of material laboratory
    • Fluid mechanics and hydraulic machinery laboratory
    • Applied thermodynamics laboratory
    • Theory of machines laboratory
    • Heat and mass transfer laboratory
    • CAD lab
    • IC Engine laboratory
    • Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning laboratory
    • Automobile engineering laboratory

Key laboratory set-up making MITM well-known:

  • Set-up for foundry practice
  • Lathe machine, Milling machine, shaper, drilling machine, Grinding machine etc.
  • Hardness testing set-ups like Brinell and Rockwell.
  • Strength testing equipments like UTM, Impact testing machine etc.
  • Design software’s like AUTOCAD, PRO-E, CATIA, COMSOL, FLUENT, MATLAB, CFD etc

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