Principal's Message (Dr. Dinesh Kumar Mishra )

Qualifications & past performances: B.Tech (Hons) (Civil Engineering) from IIT Kharagpur, M.Tech (Structural Engineering) from IIT Kharagpur, and Ph.D from University of South Gujarat, Surat. As a professional structural engineer, Dr. Mishra has been responsible for the design and supervision of various prestigious structures like University buildings, Townships, Cinema Halls, Schools, and Hospitals and so on from 1970 to 1984 as an independent consultant. Since 1984, he has been engaged in the study of floods, water logging and irrigation and these studies have special emphasis to the northern Gangetic plains of Bihar.

Dr. Mishra has written a fairly good number of articles and books on the flood issue (mostly of Bihar) and have participated in various debates over the subject ranging from affected villages to the Planning Commission of India as well as at international level. He has helped to produce a documentary film on the Bihar Floods titled Dui Paatan Ke Beech Mein (Between the Devil and the Deep Sea) by Arvind Sinha. This film won the best non-feature film award for the year 1999 given by the President of India. He helped another agency (Moving Images- New Delhi) to make a film on floods, titled 'The River Taming Mantras' (2002) that covers the entire Ganga-Brahmaputra basin. This film was awarded the best documentary award in Vatavaran Film Festival, Delhi in 2005. His book, 'Boya Per Babool Ka' was chosen as one of the best books written over the subject of environment by the Ministry of Forest and Environment, Government of India, 2002.


I extend to you a warm welcome and I thank you for your interest in Maryland Institute of Technology & Management (MITM) and I am sure that you will discover that our institute has much to offer. The heart and soul of our institute is our high-quality faculty. Most of our faculty members are the brightest students from their institutes and are members of national academies. We know that a technical degree is the passport to personal and/or professional success. So, too, has technical education become increasingly vital in our knowledge-based economy. We educate our students to be explorers of knowledge, not passive educational tourists. We are bold, diverse, adaptive, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial. MITM is well-suited not just for preparing talented individuals to excel in their chosen academic pursuits and careers, but for inspiring the rest of their lives; Mind, body, and spirit.

My time as Principal has been a great gift, and I look forward to continuing to discover MITM's potential as we pursue the great opportunities that lie ahead. I invite you to explore the faculty, staff and resources of MITM. I am always interested in hearing the thoughts and perspective of those with a connection to MITM, as well as those of prospective students, parents, and faculty, and I encourage you to direct your questions and insights to

Dinesh K. Mishra
(Principal, MITM)

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