Electrical and Electronics engineering (EEE)

Why you should opt for Electrical and Electronics engineering (EEE) as your career?

Imagine our lives without power, will lead our world to one more Dark Age.

Without power, all will come to a stop: Communications, modern day transport, manufacturing, medical treatment in modern-day hospitals, our computers will be dead, and the list seems to be immeasurable. Evidently, we cannot survive being powerless.

  • World runs on electricity: It is our Electrical engineers who electrify our world. They generate, transmit and distribute electricity which runs our world.

    Electrical engineering is concerned with the forms of energy that run our world. Whether it's gas, hydro, turbine, fuel cell, solar, geothermal, or wind energy, electrical engineers deal with distributing these energies from their sources to our homes, factories, offices, hospitals, and schools, thus, making our day to day life possible.

    Electricity is extensively used in many applications, from nano sized motors, computers, Radar, cell phones, information processing, circuits, semi conductors, electromagnetic fields, analyzing and measuring signals, control systems, robots, to man-made satellites.
  • Electrical engineers make things-or make them better: In practical terms, it means everything, from the fabrication of new types of lasers to the creation of biologically-inspired devices. They design, assemble and test new devices from the field of semiconductors to aerospace. Electrical engineering covers the analysis, design, and synthesis of the devices and systems that make possible modern computation, communications, and control. The essential technologies that connect society: mobile phones, laptops, wireless communications, downloaded videos, light-emitting diodes, electronic displays, “smart” power grids, and rapidly evolving systems for monetary transactions are all evidence of the impact of innovation in electrical engineering.
  • Electrical and Electronics engineer are always in demand: Electrical engineering is at the forefront of developing new technologies for a number of industries including transport, healthcare, construction, and robotics. Electrical and Electronic Engineers therefore offer an unquantifiable benefit to society.

    Hence, for an Electrical and Electronics engineer the job options are endless. Jobs come with a hefty pay and have the highest job satisfaction. And the growth possibilities are global and endless.

Job possibilities are endless:

  • Electrical and Electronics engineering graduates can work in Government’s Public Sector Units, Private Power Companies, DRDO, Defense establishments, Software Companies and many more.
  • Plenty of opportunities ranging from: Chip designing, power systems engineering, electrical and electronics communication, robotics and control systems, radar systems and antennas, solid-state electronics, electronics nanotechnology, electrical equipment manufacturing, satellite communications, photonics and electro-optics and several others.
  • They can also open their own business or work in research and development.

Why choose MITM?

  • An engineering education at MITM is something special where you get an opportunity to learn from experts: From academic rigor to creative exploration, an EEE engineering education in MITM is a one-of-a-kind combination of uncompromising analysis, uninhibited creativity and practical hands-on experience that empowers one to be an employable engineer.
  • As an Electrical and Electronics engineering undergraduate, you get thorough academic learning, hands-on experience and leadership development.
  • Our EEE department is well equipped with laboratories.
  • Excellent Student to Faculty Ratio: The number of students in our classes is relatively small. Thus, it helps you to know both your professors and your fellow students, laying grounds for developing a personal relationship, hence, making learning easy.

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