Civil Engineering

Why you should opt for Civil Engineering as your career?

The study of Civil Engineering is considered to be one of the oldest engineering disciplines and it encompasses all the following:

  • Power to create “Wonders of our world”: From ancient Egypt to modern day Mideast we find excellent examples of great infrastructure which has transformed human lives in all its facets. This would not have been possible without civil engineering and civil engineers.
  • Improving and enriching the daily lives of people: It is civil engineers who provide solutions to problems involving water supply, sewer, flood control, and the environment. Dams, airports, bridges, buildings, housing, highways, railroads, flood canals, water and sanitation systems are all creations of civil engineers.
  • Making the impossible possible: Creating an underwater Chunnel between England and France in the English Channel, making roads on the highest mountains, creating the Palm Island in the sea in Dubai and many more would not have been possible without Civil Engineers.
  • Nation building: From building of military and civil airports, nuclear plants, water canals, national highways, ports and harbor, hospitals, schools and many more would not have been possible without civil engineers. Civil engineers optimize the performance and efficiency of community systems.

Civil engineering offers rewarding careers: Civil engineering jobs command a hefty pay and have the highest job satisfaction. And the growth possibilities are tremendous

Job possibilities are endless:

  • Civil engineering graduates can work as structural engineers
  • Environmental engineer.
  • They can work as geotechnical or transportation engineers.
  • Also, work as water resource engineers or as construction managers. 
  • Civil engineering graduate can also work for consulting engineering firms or for government agencies.
  • They can also open their own Construction firms or work in research and development.

Why choose MITM?

  • An engineering education at MITM is something special where you get an opportunity to learn from experts.
  • As a civil engineering undergraduate, you get thorough academic learning, hands-on experience and leadership development.
  • Our Civil department is well equipped with laboratories.
  • Excellent Student to Faculty Ratio: The number of students in our classes is relatively small. Thus, it helps you to know both your professors and your fellow students, laying grounds for developing a personal relationship, hence, making learning easy.

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