Electronics & Communication Engineering

Why you should opt for Electronics and Communication engineering (ECE) as your career?

  • Power to unfold and expand the world of electronics: Electronics is everywhere, at the core of the communication systems and networks that bring us data, video and voice via different technologies, in the computer that generates the amazing special effects we see in movies, even in the monitoring station of a petroleum refinery, regulating pressure, temperature and fluid flow. As an Electronics and Communication engineer, you will be in high demand in a variety of industries with many well-established organizations. Work opportunities are plentiful.
  • By choosing Electronics and Communication engineering (ECE) you are choosing to be a pioneer of the future: Electronics is the cutting-edge of the world today and the wave of the future. As there is a human tendency to do things faster and better in this ever evolving world, electronic equipments are also evolving and becoming more complex and are being used everywhere, in industry, business and in our homes. New possibilities are being created daily as the world of electronics evolves, thus, opening-up many new opportunities for Electronics and Communication engineers to develop new and better solutions that improve every aspect of our lives.
  • ECE offers opportunity to Re-design the world around you, making it more efficient, connected and sustainable: ECE engineers transform the world by designing, building and deploying innovative solutions to real-world problems. They are revolutionizing all forms of communication: Digital Communication, Satellite Communication, Cellular Mobile Communications, Wireless and radio communication and Networking. From digital electronics to embedded systems, from control systems to VLSI design and many more are transforming under the able aegis of ECE technologists.
  • Electronics and Communications engineering (ECE) offer many types of rewarding careers: ECE jobs are among the highest paid and have the highest job satisfaction. And the possibilities for future developments are expected to be even greater than they have been in the past.

Job possibilities are endless:

Career areas: PCB design, Real-world simulations, Antenna design, medical image processing, Robotics, Microwave circuit design, sustainable energy management and many more.

Who will hire you?

  • Electronic Giants: Intel, AMD, Sony, Honeywell, Texas Instruments, Motorola, Samsung, Cisco, Toshiba, MU Sigma, Philips, Ericsson Global
  • Government PSUs’: Bharat Electronics, BSNL, DRDO, Defence Services, CSIR, ISRO, BARC, HAL, Indian Air Lines, Air India, Airport Authority of India, Indian Railways, BSNL / MNTL
  • Software companies: Oracle, Deloitte, Cybage, Saankhya Labs, Microsoft(SMSG), Unisys Global, TCS, Wipro, IBM, S&P Capital IQ, Samsung R&D, Freescale, Societe Generale, Samsung Software India, Sapient Nitro, L&T IES, Mahindra & Mahindra, ABB , Comviva Technologies Ltd, Nomura, Mphasis, Toshiba Embedded Software (I) Private Ltd, iGATE PATNI,TATA ELXSI and many more.

Why choose MITM?

Our Department of Electronics and Communications engineering is renowned for imparting state of the art undergraduate education and preparing our students for global challenges.

MITM offers an additional software development training program to its ECE undergraduates, empowering them for Global Software Jobs:

Owing to the strategic support of our US based promoters, who are successfully running their own software companies in India (MITS; website: www.gomits.com) as well as US (TechAtlantis; website: www.techatlantis.com), MITM also offers its ECE undergraduates and additional and one of the field’s strongest instructional software development training programs available in India.

  • Our education model accompanied with practical training focuses on providing breadth and depth of knowledge in a multitude of computing disciplines like computer architecture, databases, networks, real-time systems, software engineering etc.
  • Process of delivery: MITM has 6 working days, out of which 5 days are dedicated to engineering syllabus and 1 day is dedicated to compulsory off-shore software training from America

Key benefits of the MITM education model:

  • World Class Software Developers: After 4 years of engineering, an ECE student not only earns an Electronics and Communications engineering degree but also transforms to work as a globally competitive software developer by virtue of 4 years of dedicated off-shore software training.
  • Guaranteed Job for Top Performers: MITM offers guaranteed job to their top performing students who get shortlisted in the selection process, in the promoters software companies.
  • Salary range (Market Value): After working for two years at MITS or TechAtlantis, the concerned student gains competitiveness on working on latest software tools, which enhances his market value tremendously, thus, enabling him to get a higher salary in the job market.

Other advantages:

  • As an ECE engineering undergraduate, you get thorough academic learning, hands-on experience and leadership development. Our faculty is diligently involved in training students and preparing them for the future ahead.
  • Excellent Student to Faculty Ratio: The number of students in our classes is relatively small. Thus, it helps you to know both your professors and your fellow students, laying grounds for developing a personal relationship, hence, making learning easy.
  • Faculty Student Interaction: Our students interact freely with faculty on all matters related to studies. The curriculum gives them ample opportunity to work in close cooperation with any faculty member.

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