At MITM we endeavor to make globally competitive and globally employable engineers.

Our promoters are first generation entrepreneurs who are successfully running their software companies in the US and India.

MITM is capitalizing on the software development competence of its promoters and has successfully initiated a globally competitive off-shore software development training program for its students, thus, empowering them to evolve as world class software developers along with their regular engineering curriculum at no additional cost to the students.

The training program is so effective that a chosen few of our students will evolve as job providers rather than job seekers.

Instant global communication has reduced the distance between the international experts and Indian industry to near zero. Therefore the basic academic philosophy of the Institution is to interact with industry for training and re-training in new technologies, and to empower students to enhance their capabilities and competence towards an enviable professional career. This philosophy will be pursued with deployment of dedicated faculty and creation of wonderful and amiable working environment.


The proposed college is established by the "Raj Narayan Memorial Trust" which has its office at Raj Bhawan, Rivers Meet Road, Sonari, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand – 831011. The Raj Narayan Memorial Trust is a charitable Trust that was established in the year 2008 by a group of committed Technocrats settled in USA along with other eminent members of the Trust to play a countable role in professional education with deep commitment to quality and excellence. Currently, The Trust consists of five members.


Manoj Choudhary (Chairman) – Engineering Graduate from NIT, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Started career as a System Engineer in Tata Steel and worked in the Information Technology Department for 3 years before moving to USA. Managed a big software development team in US for more than 10 years that provided Global Trade Management software products and services to Fortune 500 companies. Founder of Vasave Corporation, USA and currently serves as the Chairman of the board. Vasave Corporation develops software products and provides services to US customers.


The mission of the promoting body is "To promote excellence in Engineering and Management Education" and to provide education to the aspiring students who, with support and guidance from highly qualified and experienced professors of the proposed institute, will be groomed into competent engineers and managers. The proposed institution will prepare students to be leaders in shaping the future of the Indian Industry, Trade and Technology. Towards the achievement of this end, the proposed institute will provide a conducive and rewarding environment for faculty and students to ignite and sustain passion for excellence and to establish a quality institution in the state to cater to the need of trained and qualified technical manpower through:

Development of high quality Institutions and academic excellence.

  • Networking with other Engineering and Management Institutions for optimum utilization of resources.
  • Dissemation of knowledge.
  • Promotion of Industry-Institution interaction.
  • Provide affordable education to all.


The vision of the promoting body is to be a world class Technical and Management Institution with special emphasis on technological and socio economic development of the state of Jharkhand in particular and Country in General by ensuring high quality technical and management education to all sections of the society.

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